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The Fisher 3rd and 4th Grade Drama Clubs Close Out The Year

Photo of drama club singingThe Fisher 3rd and 4th grade drama clubs closed out the year with a dress rehearsal for fellow students on Wednesday, June 10 followed by a performance for parents on Thursday, June 18.

The third graders presented “Dancing with the Nursery Rhyme Stars” by Lois Lewis in which famous nursery rhyme characters compete in a dance contest. Narrators tell the story as Old King Cole; Jack and Jill; Jack Be Nimble; Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary; Peter Piper; Queen of Hearts; Little Boy Blue; and Little Miss Muffet give it their all on the dance floor.

The fourth graders presented “How I Became a Pirate” by Mandy Gregory. It’s the story of a comical band of pirates who land on a quiet beach in search of an expert digger to help bury their treasure. The young lass they find has fun at first, but soon discovers that love and home are treasures you can’t find on a map.

CVA chorus teacher and musical director Mark Bunce is excited by the clubs and their efforts.

“The success of our high school musical and music program begins at the elementary level. These clubs are sowing the seeds of future performers,” he said.