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2017-18 CVA Course of Study Handbook – Important Information and Terms

Unit of Credit

A unit is the amount of credit you earn when you pass a course. A subject that meets every day for 40 minutes for the entire year earns 1 (one) unit of credit; a subject that meets every day for 40 minutes for half a year earns .5 (one half) unit of credit; and a subject that meets every other day for the entire year earns .5 (one half) unit of credit.

Scheduling Load

All students are required to take a minimum of 6.5 (six and a half) credits each year, including Physical Education.


A course that you must complete as a sensible requirement before taking another course.

Required Courses

Courses that must be passed in order to meet Graduation Requirements.

Elective Courses

Courses that students choose to take according to their interests and needs.

Advanced Placement Courses

College-level courses that are taught by CVA faculty. College Credit may be earned depending on the score on the AP Exam taken in May and depending on the policies at the college the student decides to attend. The estimated cost of the exam is $90-95 each year. There is financial assistance for students meeting eligibility requirements.

College Now Courses

Herkimer College courses taught by CVA faculty members. In order to receive college credit and an official transcript from the college, students must attend an information session and register for the course.

Passing Grade

For all subjects is 65%.

Honors Courses

Certain high school subjects are offered to students who are ready for the challenge. The courses will earn high school credit.

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