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2017-18 CVA Course of Study Handbook – Schedule Changes, Course Changes, Dropping a Course

Schedule Changes, Course Changes and Dropping a Course

Planning a schedule to meet the needs of all students takes a great deal of time and effort. Each parent and student together will need to make choices that they believe will be in the best interest of the student for the following year. It is expected that students will remain in the courses that have been chosen unless a major academic change occurs. When a student enrolls in specific courses, it is considered a commitment that they will remain in the course.

Scheduling changes are made on the request of the student and parent in consultation with the counselor and the approval of the principal for valid academic reasons. Students must use the “Request for Schedule Change” form obtained from their counselor. Schedule changes made after the end of the previous school year must be approved by the principal after consulting with the counselor, parents and student. This does not include a change due to mistakes.

In some circumstances, a student may apply to add or drop a course at the midpoint of the school year. Once that period passes at the second semester, a student MUST complete the course. If a student changes courses at the midyear, the report card will be marked WP (Withdraw Passing) or WF (Withdraw Failing).

Progress Reports

A Progress report will be mailed at the end of the 5th, 15th, 25th and 35th week of school to advise parents of their son/daughter’s progress in school. These reports are designed to make parents aware of their child’s academic growth. Parents are invited to confer with a counselor or teacher at any time.

Report Cards

Students are graded numerically four times during the school year. Report cards will be issued at the end of the 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th week of school. All report cards are mailed directly to the student’s home. Report of grades is a summary of achievement. Sixty-five (65%) is the minimum passing grade. Individual teacher comments will be on the report card. Parents are invited to confer with the school at any time. Passing a Regents exam does not entitle a student to course credit. A student must achieve a final course average of 65% or higher to be awarded course credit.

The Honor Roll is based on quarterly averages:

  • Principal’s Honor Roll: 95.00 – 100
  • High Honor Roll: 90.00 – 94.99
  • Honor Roll: 85.00 – 89.99

Summer School Guidelines

Policy # 1: A student in grades 9-12 may not take a full year, one-credit course for the first time in summer school.
Policy #2: If a student attends summer school, to repeat a course, in order to receive course credit, the student must achieve a passing grade derived from an average of the following four (4) sources:

  1. Final school average (from the current school year).
  2. First 15-day average for summer school.
  3. Second 15-day average for summer school.
  4. Final test given in summer school.

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