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2017 Jarvis Kids’ Marathon

The 2017 Jarvis Kids’ Marathon is underway!

Beginning on Monday, Sept. 25, Jarvis Middle School students began the ambitious journey to compete 26.2 miles over the next six weeks. The event is not a race. Instead, it is an activity designed to encourage organization, perseverance, and a commitment to better health. This year marks the first year that students are invited to invite sponsors who will contribute toward a student’s class trip expenses.

Learn more from Principal Melissa Hoskey’s online presentation:

Each student received the following information:

Can you Marathon?

At 26.2 miles, many shy away from the challenge. Our kids’ marathon will allow students in grades 5-8 to run or run/walk the full 26.2 miles, but over the course of 5 weeks instead of one day. Beginning on September 25th, students that choose to participate will be responsible for tracking the amount of running or running/walking they are doing every day. Students must run 25 miles between September 25th and October 30th with the final 1.2 miles being run on campus during a celebration ceremony held on October 31st, 2017.

How can I track my distance?

  • Use a tread mill and monitor the distance gauge.
  • Run on a track – 4 times around the Jarvis track is 1 mile!
  • Run on established routes that you have measured – 2 times around Weller Park is 1 mile! Parents will need to help measure distances for other locations.
  • A copy of the tracking sheet is on the back of this page.

When can I run?

  • Between September 25th and October 30th – 25 miles must be logged to be eligible for awards and prizes.
  • During school –
    • The PE teachers will give you an estimate of distance if you are running in class. They will sign your running sheets for that time.
    • During lunch – On certain days, different staff members will be able to monitor students who would like to run on the track to log some of their distance. 15 minutes is more than enough time to run a mile!
    • Afterschool running times – these will be announced so students can plan to stay to run on the track. You must have supervision to stay on school grounds after dismissal
  • After/Before school – Be sure to get permission from your parents to run and only run in established areas. Never run outside without someone knowing where you are. Parents will need to sign the log sheet for each run and certify that the student did in fact run the distance claimed.
    • If you are playing a sport, your coach can certify the amount of time they feel that you ran during practice.

What if I am not a runner?

  • Why not become one. Work at your pace and within your limits, but challenge yourself to do something good for your body. If Mrs. Hoskey can do this, every one of the students in grades 5-8 can as well. Set your mind to achieving a difficult goal and you will feel the reward as you cross that finish line!!!!!

Awards and Prizes

  • Improved Health!
  • Self-satisfaction in achieving a goal!
  • All students who complete the 26.2 miles (run or run/walk) will receive a certificate of accomplishment at the end-of-year awards ceremonies and a medal on the day of the celebration.
  • All students who complete the marathon  will be entered into a drawing for some prizes:
    • Gift cards
    • Gift certificates
    • Various merchandise
  • Optional Fundraiser for end of the year trips – see separate pledge sheet for directions