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2018-19 Fisher Elementary school supply lists

Kindergarten School Supply List

  • (4) boxes of Crayola crayons (24-count)
  • (3) boxes of Crayola “Classic Colors” (10-count) washable markers (No skinny markers please)
  • (2) packages of Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils
  • (1) pair of Fiskars child safe scissors
  • (1) pack EXPO Dry Erase Markers
  • (1) hard case pencil box
  • (20) Elmer’s glue sticks
  • Change of clothes, labeled, in a large gallon size ziplock bag

Your child will also need to bring a regular-sized backpack (no wheels please) to school daily and please be sure to label all items with your child’s first and last name. Please have your child prepared with all the supplies listed above by the first day of school. School supplies may need to be replenished as they run low throughout the year.

First Grade School Supply List

  • (1) pack of Elmer’s glue sticks
  • (1) pair of Fiskars scissors
  • (1) pack of pink rectangular erasers
  • (24) pre-sharpened #2 yellow pencils (America’s Best or Ticonderoga)
  • (1) plain plastic pencil box (Please label with student’s first and last name)
  • (8) black Expo dry erase markers
  • (3) boxes of Crayola Crayons (24-pack)

There is no need for you to label any supplies. We will store them and replenish items periodically throughout the year. School supplies may need to be replenished as they run low throughout the year.

Second Grade School Supply List

  • (1) Crayon box/pencil box (to keep items in desk organized)
  • (1) Scissors- child size safety
  • (3) 24-count boxes of crayons
  • (4) dry erase markers
  • (6) large glue sticks
  • (2) composition notebooks
  • (3) boxes of yellow pencils sharpened (not the plastic covered decorative kind—Ticonderoga brand is best)
  • (2) boxes of pencil top/cap erasers
  • (3) durable 2-pocket folders—your choice of color/design
  • (3) yellow highlighters
  • (1) Spill-proof water bottle (optional)

Please make sure that your child’s name is labeled on any items that he/she brings.