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2019-20 Board of Education goals

At its October 16 meeting, the Central Valley School District Board of Education adopted the following goals for 2019-20:

Immediate Goal: Remington Sale (Fiscal Pillar)

Provide our stakeholders with the details related to the board’s decision to sell the former Remington Elementary School property, the advisory committee’s findings supporting the sale to Herkimer BOCES, and the social, programmatic, and financial impact of the sale to enable voters to make an informed decision.

Improve Student Attendance (Academics Pillar)

Explore and implement strategies to improve student attendance, knowing that the district cannot improve students’ futures when they are not present.

Strengthen Community Relationships (Community Pillar)

Use print and video to tell personal and emotional stories that illustrate and build on the strong ties between school and community.

Reduce Out-of-School Suspensions for SpEd Students (Academics Pillar)

Allocate grant funds for staff and programming that will keep vulnerable special education students in school. This includes seeking an elementary guidance counselor and school resource/police officer(s), introduction of social-emotional learning at all schools, and providing professional development teaching conflict resolution.

Balance Staffing/Programming with Fiscal Reality (Academics and Fiscal Pillars)

Continually evaluate and adjust Central Valley staffing and programming and contracted services to ensure they meet students’ needs while serving as good stewards of taxpayer resources.

Develop Programs to Improve Student Wellness (Academic and Morale Pillars)

Explore Social-emotional learning to promote and improve student mental health, understanding students cannot engage in learning if burdened with emotional and mental health issues.

Empower Each Principal to Develop Building-Centric Morale Programs (Morale Pillar)

Promote building-level morale programs to avoid a forced “top-down” formula or expectation.