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CVA outdoor club hits the trails

Group photo of club members

The CVA Outdoor Adventure Club head off to Camden for a day skiing, sliding and falling.

On Saturday, Jan. 21, eleven members of the CVA Outdoor Adventure Club traveled to Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center in Camden for a day of exercise and winter fun.

It was excellent spring skiing thanks to this winter’s generous lake effect snowstorms. The center could boast as being one of the only cross-country ski areas in the state with snow despite recent rain and warm temperatures.

The club began the morning, watching the center’s ski biathlon, a combination of skiing and target shooting. In a biathlon competitors ski a cross country course, periodically stopping to shoot at targets. Missed targets may add penalty minutes to a racer’s time or require the racer to complete a penalty loop. Competitors must ski quickly, stop, and then control their breathing and hearts to allow them to shoot with precision. The skier with the best overall time wins.

When the race ended and the course cleared, club members switched from passive to active mode. They strapped on skis and hit the trails.

“It was a day of cross-country skiing, hill-sliding, acrobatic falling, lots of eating, game playing; and in general, a fun day away from home on an outdoor adventure,” said club adviser Wendy Sanders.

The CVA Outdoor Club introduces high school students to a variety of outdoor activities they can enjoy throughout their lives.