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CVA Ecology Club trip demonstrates sound ecology practices

In October, the CVA Ecology Club visited the F.X. Matt Brewery and a permaculture site in Utica.  The students learned it is possible to adopt ecologically sound practices and save money at the same time.

In 2012 the Brewery installed five anaerobic digester tanks that clean wastewater left after brewing. The process generates clean electricity and also reduces the Brewery’s water bill.  Tyler Harvey, the Sustainability Supervisor, also showed students how spent brewing grain is reused and spent hops are composted.

After students lunched at the Brewery and enjoyed some signature Saranac sodas, they headed to a Permaculture site on Gates Street. Site creator and manager Joe Pizzo explained their permaculture practices and let students sample some of the herbs and produce growing onsite.High school students lined up on a partially planted urban lot listening to a speaker and looking at plants High school student and adults in an early 1900s decor room listening to a speaker.

High school students and adults in a group inside a large warehouse filled with large stainless steel vats and piping