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Alliance Group campaigns for National Day of Silence

Photo of CVA Alliance Group members

Alliance Group members promoted the National Day of Silence on Apr. 17. Front: Ms. Nicole Rocci, Club Advisor, Sade De Los Santos. Seated: Tamra Hagadorn, Dainielle Juby, Cassidy French, Emily Hayes. Back: Allie Morgan, Ashley Amendolare, Alyssa Archer, Derek Lawrence, Andrea Lewis, Kaitlyn Edwards, Janina Rogers. Missing from photo: Rene’ Sumanasunya

Central Valley Academy halls were quieter than normal when several students took part in the National Day of Silence (DOS) along with thousands of students across the nation April 17. The purpose of the National Day of Silence is to promote awareness of anti-lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) name calling, bullying and harassment in a non-violent way.

Alliance Group members sold red bracelets to fellow students and staff members. Students signed petitions pledging to be silent before and after school and in between classes. Students hope to create a safer school for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Some teachers brought awareness into the classroom by allowing students to sit quietly or by having discussions about the meaning behind the DOS.

The CVA Alliance Group’s goal is to promote awareness of social issues, acceptance of diversity and respect for all students regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion or socioeconomic status as well as teaching tolerance of others who are different. The Alliance Group decided to take part in the National Day of Silence to in an effort to bring the student body together in an effort to create a safer school for everyone by reducing harassment and bullying. Visit the National Day of Silence website for more information on the movement. 

Bracelets are still available for $1. Anyone interested in purchasing one can see an Alliance Group member or Ms. Rocci.