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Alumnus establishes scholarship honoring principal

Old Yearbook Clipping

Mr. Prosser’s senior year entry in the 1937 yearbook.

Duane Prosser, IHS ’37 has generously given back to Central Valley School, establishing an annual $1,000 scholarship to be given to a student who intends to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The scholarship, which honors  former high school principal John Guy Prindle, is funded by Prosser’s $25,000 donation.

Mr. Prosser, who now lives in Punta Gorda, Fl., was prompted to his generosity by the amazing kindness of his former principal. Mr. Prosser  explains his reasons in the following:

My Reason for Honoring John Guy Prindle, Principal of Ilion High School

I graduated from Ilion High School in 1937.

My mother died in 1935 after a long term illness in the Ilion Hospital. My father died suddenly in July 1936 leaving me and my sister without a home. I had an
uncle, Sid Venama, who lived on Prospect Street; he took my sister. There was no room for me as they had two boys.

I had an aunt who lived in Whitesboro who would have taken me, but I did not want to change schools for my senior year. She paid the neighbor who lived
across the street from our house, 155 East North Street, 50¢ a week for room and board so that I could finish my senior year.

A short time after graduating the principal, talking with my uncle, asked me to move in with his family, which I did.

He used his influence to get me a job working for the Herkimer Telegram Newspaper, working 50 hours per week at $.22 per hour. In the spring of 1938
Mr. Prindle got me a job with Herkimer County Road Department making 45¢ per hour. My objective was to save enough money to attend the University of
Cincinnati. The tuition for the first year was $340. I started in the fall of 1938.

Each summer for three years I returned and lived the Principal Prindle and worked on the Herkimer County roads to make the money for my college education.
Without the help of John G. Prindle my road to obtain a college education would have been much harder.