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Art campaign to build community pride

Central Valley School District is unveiling its “We’re Proud of our Hometown” campaign. This is an effort to build pride in our school and our community.

The school approached several high-traffic Central Valley businesses asking them to take a small step— to each display Central Valley student paintings and drawings. School art instructors are now working with three businesses to display the art and will return each month to replace it with new pieces.

The goal

Central Valley superintendent Jeremy Rich explained his vision for the campaign.

“Small communities are the backbone of our nation,” he said.

“We earn a living, raise families, and support each other in ways far different from busy suburbs and cities. We want to focus on what is right with small town America and to highlight the many opportunities we offer. We want to start by showing what great and talented kids we have. By displaying this art, these businesses are saying, ‘We’re proud of our children, our school, and our community.’”

Interested businesses provide space to showcase the art and photographs. These are family-friendly areas—no services or products that are not suitable for children. The businesses also agree to do their best to protect the art from theft or vandalism.

In exchange, the district will promote the exhibition sites, letting the artists’ families and friends know where they can see the works.

Former Central Valley art teacher Christina Korba had arranged to display student art at Moose River Coffee. That success prompted Mr. Rich to ask the art teachers to expand the program—but not too quickly.

“We want to do this well, so we are beginning with just a few businesses,” he said.

“It’s a lot to ask of our students and staff to make this happen. We don’t want to diminish its value by not being able to maintain and refresh the displays.”

The district is hoping to slowly make the program available to other area businesses. To be fair to all, participation will be on a first-come basis. For more information or to express your interest, please contact Cuyle Rockwell at 315-894-5000 x 51111.