many U.S Coins of different denominations

Once again, the Fisher Family has stepped up to show their love.

The school decided to combine the 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day into an act of love. Principal Jessica Bowman challenged every class to bring in at least 100 coins. Every coin collected would go to the family of a Fisher first grader who is in the hospital.  Read the original story.

Over Winter Break, Mrs. Bowman took the change to the bank. Generous students, faculty and staff collected a total of 15,819 coins:

  • 8,798 pennies
  • 2,145 nickels
  • 2,911 dimes
  • 1,951 quarters
  • 6 fifty cent pieces
  • 8 dollar coins

Combined with some already rolled change and many bills of many different denominations, Fisher collected $1,235 for their fellow student. 

"We will be contacting the family after break to get the donation to her, along with a Bag of Sunshine that was also donated by Anna's Sunflower Warriors," said Mrs. Bowman.

"Thank you so much for your generosity and for encouraging your students to give to their Fisher Friend."