School bus graphic

On Wed., Aug. 23., the Central Valley School District will conduct a “practice” bus run for the Fisher Elementary Pre-Kindergarten students riding a school bus for the 2023-24 school year.  This practice run will give students and parents the opportunity to become familiar with the bus drivers, bus monitors, school bus rules, and the process of riding a school bus for the first time.  

The “practice” bus run will include:  
  • Students and parents will be picked up at their scheduled bus time and location. This bus information was sent home by the Transportation Department. 
  • After pick up, the bus will drive to Fisher Elementary School and stop in the front of the building.  Mrs. Bowman, Fisher Elementary School Principal, will board the bus and greet students and parents.  
  • Students and parents will then return back home.  

Any questions about bus transportation should be directed to the Central Valley Transportation Department at  (315) 866- 2140.