District finalizes reopening details - school start shifted to 9/14

After three parent meetings, one teacher meeting, multiple meetings with the Department of Health, and weeks of deciphering the regulations and guidelines surrounding COVID, The Central Valley CSD administrative team has made the difficult decision to delay the first day of classes until Monday, Sept. 14.

"We do not make this change lightly, especially after telling parents and staff that the plan was to open Sept. 8," said Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

"After weighing all of the input, we realized that we simply don't have the time we need to get everything in place.  After all the changes, there was not time to bring this together. In the end, we felt it was better to be prepared than to frustrate parents, students and staff with a slipshod opening".

 "We understand it will alter plans for many families and our employees—and for that I apologize."

The change will allow an extra week to:

  • Allow parents time to request remote learning for their children as requested in the parent forums (allowing principals and guidance staff to rebuild corresponding class rosters and schedules),
  • Allow parents time to request school transportation for their children as requested in the parent forums (allowing the transportation department to rebuild bus routes),
  • Provide time for schools to prepare student/family orientation materials, and
  • Provide time for teachers and families to prepare for this new learning model.

Key facts

For further questions, please contact your school office.