Jarvis releases expectations for virtual learners

Slide show of Expectations for Virtual Learners (All information in the slide show is listed below.)

Be on time for class

  • Be in the waiting room for each of your zoom classes when the period begins. 
  • Set alarms for your classes that are scheduled after lunch and study halls to help you be punctual. 
  • Once logged into your class, stay in your class for the entire class period or until your teacher dismisses you.
  • Keep a copy of the Jarvis Bell Schedule nearby.  Jarvis 2020-2021 Bell Schedule

Have your materials ready ahead of time

  • Know your class schedule and which letter day it is. 
  • Have your Google Classroom open in a tab. 
  • Have your materials organized by class.  
  • Keep your Chromebook charged and in good working order. 
  • Have a workspace that is free from distractions like
  • pets, siblings, other devices, games, and the television.
  • Try to work at a desk or table instead of a bed or couch.


  • Turn on your camera for class period attendance. 
  • Turn on your camera when speaking to your teacher.  
  • If it is your teacher’s classroom expectation that your camera stays on all period, this expectation must be met.


  • Your microphone should be muted during class.  
  • Unmute your microphone when speaking to your teacher, answering a question, or addressing your classmates. 

Chats within ZOOM classes - **Students must log into their ZOOM with their first and last names.**

  • On topic—Chats should include questions about the topic being discussed and related to the class content.
  • Respectful—Chats should be respectful, responsible comments and questions about class material. 
  • Not peer-to-peer—Chats should NOT include peer-to-peer discussions and interactions unless specifically directed by the teacher.
  • Task-oriented—Chats should be used to ask clarifying or follow up questions to the teacher.

Wednesday Expectations

  • Wednesdays will now be a virtual learning day for all Jarvis students.  On Wednesday, it is your responsibility to:  
  • Log in to Advisory/First period to be marked present for the day. 
  • Complete the assignments and tasks posted in each of your Google Classrooms.  
  • If your teacher schedules a meeting time or class with you, you are expected to attend. These will not be voluntary.

Communication and Grades

  • Email your teachers!—Use complete sentences and appropriate language. Please consider this an opportunity to practice professional communication skills.
  • Office hours—Teacher will have office hours where they can set up meetings with you or you can request to meet with them. Please reach out to them for help.
  • SchoolTool—Check your SchoolTool account often for your current grades and for missing assignments.  Complete corrections on low grades if  allowed.   
  • Google Classroom—Be sure you are completing all assignments in your google classroom. If you don’t understand due dates or expectations, your teachers will help you.

Questions?  Please reach out:

  • Alina Horner, Guidance for grades 5 & 7 ; horner@cvalleycsd.org
  • Shannon Buttacaroli, Guidance for grades 6 & 8; sbuttacaroli@cvalleycsd.org
  • Jessica Bowman, Assistant Principal ;  jbowman@cvalleycsd.org
  • Charles Pratt, Principal; pratt@cvalleycsd.org
  • Jarvis Middle School Main Office 315-866-2620