Four students to display at Legislative Art Show

Two Jarvis Middle School and two Central Valley Academy student artists will show their work at the 2021 Virtual Legislative Student Art Exhibit.

Jayda Seelbach (7th grade), Aniya Bosch (8th grade), Morgan Perry (10th grade), and Ayden Miner (12th grade) will be among those students representing the Mohawk Valley region.

The event, normally held in the Legislative Office Building in Albany, showcases the outstanding art of students from throughout New York state. Legislators often meet with the artists and their families at a special reception. Due to COVID-19, however, this year's display will be fully virtual.

The show is co-sponsored by New York State Art Teachers Association and New York State United Teachers in recognition of Youth Art Month. Art month highlights the importance of art and art education in our students' lives.

Thanks to art teachers Cheryl Hicks and Joanna Jenkins for entering Central Valley students in this highly regarded event.

Pencil sketch of keybord, notes, softballs, scenery

photo, night, person silhouetted, sitting on running track

modern art, dark background white shapes, gold lines and markings

drawing of baseball, cross, pen, football helmet in corner