group photo of small children, teacher, and two high school students, masked

If you look for students serving others, there's a good chance you will find CVA juniors Julianne Fike and Nick Shedd. Whether as members of an organization or as individuals, they are constantly looking for ways to help their community.

On Wednesday, Apr. 14, the pair visited Fisher Elementary and presented each PreK student  with a reversible facemask. One side was space and the other featured dinosaurs, crayons, or other fun designs.

PreK teacher Lori Pickett said, "The kids were excited to wear them, as they are reversible."

Fike's and Shedd's journey into mask making was a little unusual. After several successful years on Jarvis Middle School's LEGO FIRST robotics team, they discovered CVA did not offer a high school robotics team. They looked around and found slots on a team in Clayville. Then COVID hit. Social distancing put a stop to the close collaboration needed for success in robotics.

One component of the robotics program is community outreach. They had originally planned a mask project as part of the Clayville program, but with COVID, they decided to do it for their home school.  So, they grabbed a sewing machine and spent about three weeks stitching together the adjustable facemasks.

The visit was more than a generous donation. It delivered a powerful  reminder of the importance of doing for others.

"Our communities have a long history of reaching out and supporting each other," said Superintendent Jeremy Rich.

"Julianne and Nick are great examples of our students continuing that tradition. They have hopefully inspired the next generation of students to follow in their footsteps."