Two people, uniforms, gymnasium

It was another outstanding performance for CVA's NNDCC cadets—this time in the Rancocas Valley (NJ) NJROTC annual 2-man trick and solo trick Elite competition.  Nicholas Shedd took first place in the solo and Shedd and Delaney Francisco took third place in the dual.

Due to COVID, cadets could not compete in person. Instead, they submitted videos of their routines.

The solo event requires a cadet to perform an original,  precision rifle routine. The cadet marches while handling, twirling, tossing, and catching the rifle. The dual event is the similar except the cadets perform a synchronized routine. (Watch the routines belov.)

"Our NNDCC program continues to excel," said NNDCC instructor Matthew Snyder.

"In just a few short years, our cadets are successfully competing against established NJRTOC programs from throughout the United States. Our hope is that this success will encourage other Central Valley students to participate and help us build our NNDCC into a full-fledged NJROTC ."

In the past year, CVA cadets won the regional Brain Bowl, captured several drill competitions, and scored high on their NJROTC inspection. Within the community, cadets march in area parades and participate in veterans' ceremonies. 

The CVA NNDCC program works to instill the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. It does not recruit students for military service.