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The Central Valley Central School District Foundation recently recognized the district’s students and employees of the 2021 first quarter.

Student Recognition Awards

The Foundation recognized the following as the Central Valley Central School District Foundation's Student Recognition Award recipients:

  • Caison Reed - Barringer Road Third Grade
  • Axl Lebert - Fisher Elementary First Grade
  • Aubriyana Wentworth - Jarvis Middle School Seventh Grade
  • Richard Naugle - CVA Senior

"We had hoped our schools would be back to normal this fall, but that did not happen," said JoAnn Duga, Foundation president. "Our students continue to adapt to the challenges. We know it hasn’t been easy, but we are so proud of the students who not only shine academically, but are also models of excellent school citizens.”

Employee Recognition Awards

The Foundation recognized the following as the Central Valley Central School District Foundation's Employee Recognition Award recipients:

  • Hugeuette Henzel - Barringer Road Teacher Assistant
  • Kim Catalina - Barringer Road Teacher Aide
  • Robert Paul - CVA Teacher Aide
  • Colleen Bunce - Jarvis Middle School English Teacher
  • Tammy Morgan - District Office Clerical Employee

“We are happy to publicly recognize faculty and staff members who go above and beyond for our students,” Duga said. “We want to make certain their commitment to our students does not go unnoticed.”

The recognition program, which was implemented during the 2019-2020 school year, acknowledges students and employees each quarter with the hope that there will be recipients from each school building: Fisher and Barringer Elementary Schools, Jarvis Middle School, and CVA High School, as well as the CVCSD bus garage.

Community members who would like to nominate a faculty or staff member for the quarterly recognition can find the nomination form at www.cvalleycsdfoundation.org or on the Central Valley Central School District Foundation Facebook page. Selected employees and students will be announced near the end of each marking period.

Contact JoAnn Duga at joanndugaCVAFoundation@yahoo.com or at 315-894-3116 for a form to nominate any CVCSD Employee of the Quarter or for more information about the Foundation.