Central Valley Foundation logo includes hands  cupping a leafed out tree

The Central Valley Central School District Foundation recently named the district’s students and employees of the third quarter.

The recognition program acknowledges students and employees each quarter with the hope that there will be recipients from each school building: Fisher and Barringer Elementary Schools, Jarvis Middle School, and CVA High School, as well as at the district level and CVCSD bus garage. If no nominations are received for a building, an additional student or employee from another building may be recognized.

The student recipients are:

Wesley Vail, Barringer Road Elementary School

Bradi Risi, Jarvis Middle School

Anastasia Spatto, Jarvis Middle School

Dalton Tubia, Jarvis Middle School

Jenna Hathaway, Barringer Road Elementary Teacher

Mandy Knowles, Fisher Elementary Teacher Assistant

Michelle DelConte, Central Valley Academy Guidance Counselor

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Shannon Buttacaroli, Jarvis Middle School Guidance Counselor

Community members who would like to nominate a faculty or staff member for the quarterly recognition; can download the nomination form from the Central Valley CSD website or on the Central Valley Central School District Foundation Facebook page. Selected employees and students will be announced near the end of each marking period.

For more information about the Foundation, contact JoAnn Duga at 315-894-3116 or joanndugaCVAFoundation@yahoo.com.