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CVA's Science Department purchased a spectrophotometer thanks to a grant from the Central Valley CSD Foundation. CVA science teacher Sarah Spisak submitted the request.

A spectrophotometer analyzes the makeup of a sample by measuring the light that is reflected, scattered, transmitted or absorbed by the sample. They are commonly used in medicine, food processing, textile manufacturing, even wine making. If the field relies on physics, molecular biology, chemistry, or biochemistry, it likely uses the device.

Dr. Spisak attended the Foundation's June meeting to share how the spectrophotometer has enhanced CVA's science curriculum.

"Spectrophotometry is an important analytical technique used daily in chemistry and forensic science laboratories worldwide," she said. "The ability to bring an instrument like this into a high school science curriculum means students gain laboratory experience and helps them make real-world connections."

The Central Valley Central School District Foundation enhances the district's educational programs by providing materials or equipment and by funding programs and capital projects that covered in the annual school budget. For more information, contact JoAnn Duga at joanndugaCVAFoundation@yahoo.com.