Field of sunflowers at sunset

Mr. Jeremy Rich, Superintendent, wanted to share the following.

Yesterday was a perfect example of a community coming together to support a family and to also support each other.  The parade to honor Anna LaBella's life was truly amazing.  I would like to thank those who organized the event, those who took part in the parade, those who lined the streets, and all the law enforcement and Mayors who helped to keep everyone safe during the parade.  The circumstances that brought us together certainly were heartbreaking, but there was also so much joy and sunshine during the event as well.  

I love the fact that Anna loved sunflowers.  When I think of a sunflower, I think of sun, warmth, and hope.  Anyone who knew Anna would know that she represented all of the above.  Anna's legacy and stamp on our world will never be forgotten and her attitude was truly amazing.  Anna was always happy, always smiling, and always hopeful.  She taught us all a lot about how we look at life and how to be grateful no matter the conditions.  Equally important, our community came together and demonstrated once again how we all stand by each other when help is needed.  I feel lucky to raise my family in such a wonderful place.  What we have at Central Valley cannot be taken for granted and I feel that yesterday was another reminder of how special our THUNDER family really is no matter how difficult the circumstances may be.   

Thank you Central Valley for always being present for those in need.