large group of students on stage, word respect in background

Jarvis Middle School recognized students who demonstrated September's character theme—respect.

To receive the honor, students must demonstrate respect toward themselves, their school, their peers, and their teachers. Teachers who witness students students showing respect, nominate them each week. Those names are announced over the daily announcements. At the end of the month, nominated students receive a certificate, gather for a group photo, and are entered in a prize drawing.

"Each month, Jarvis Middle School will emphasize a different positive character trait," said Assistant Principal Jessica Bowman.

"By working to instill these characteristics in our students, we are preparing them for success in school, at home, and in life."

To learn more about September's theme of respect, watch the slideshow shared during a school assembly. 

Respect honorees

Fifth Grade

Peyton Andrews, Peyton Andrews, Ella Baker, Kaylyne Bastion, Raelynne Brewer, RaeLynne Brewer, Ryder Cacciatore, Augie Ciallello, August Ciallello, Braelyn Costin, Aubrie Crozier, Noah Dihrberg, Noah Dihrberg, Molly Donahue, Colton English, Stone Ernest, DeMarcus Forsythe, Demarcus Forsythe, DeMarcus Forsythe, Chloe Green, Colin Hall, Lucas Haman, Lucas Haman, Alfred Hoyt, Altyn Huffman, Altyn Huffman, Micah Hussein, Eric Jiang, Vera Kelly, Vera Kelly, Riley Lamb, Colton Lapoint, Aiden LaVenture, Bennett Maria, Ella McDowell, Ella McDowell, William Merritt, William Merritt, Jaxon Messineo, Damon Newman, Cody Peck, Jude Polidori, Callie Pollard, Mia Ponte, Bionca Prokopienko, Hannah Reff, Katelynn Smith, Willow Stisi, Ernest Stone, Hayden Storms, Lindsey Swick, Liam Taylor, Cadence Wehrenberg, Jaden Williams, Shaniah Williams

Sixth Grade

Zaiden Angle, Gebhardt Audrey, Kiley Beam, Chris Bruck, Vincent Chase, Rose Claire, Hunter Cool, Leah Davis, Olivia Day, Kyleek Dixon, Lydia Downing, Devin Eakins, Lydia Elthorp, Alexis English, Mariana Esposito, Alexis Filippi, Elijah Flagg, Kamorah Gaillard, Avery Guido, Zandyr Hale, Charisma Hoke, Angel Kowalczyk, Natalia LaDue, Brianna Lafountain, Brianna Lafountain, Zack Lowery, Neff Matthew, Brynlee Metott, Riley Moss, Jerimiah Nash, Aryana Ortega, Aryana Ortega, Shelby Pardee, Donna Preston, Delaney Tubia, Nashton Viney, Brenna Virkler, Carson Wellington, Aislynn Williams, Anthony Wood

Seventh Grade

Zera Angel, Chloe Bennett, Grace Brinkerhoff, Leah Brown, Alexa Brown, Kaylub Cole, Amayah Dashnaw, Daniel Davis, Daniel Davis, Colin Dean, Kylie Ferguson, Kylie Ferguson, Annabell Forbes, Aiden Fuller, Jacob Hitchcock, Lillian Hunt, Cullen Judd, Ava Lewis, Adreonah Misiaszek, Ian Moss, Ian Moss, Ian Moss, Layne Muller, Kian Mullin, Kian Mullin, Bailey Noffer, Bailey Noffer, Daniel Scott, Aiden Sheffler, Aiden Sheffler, Landon Synakowski, Bowie Ulinski, Landon Wilson- Gamble, Deven Windecker

Eighth Grade

Troy Bellstedt, Jodi Bennett, Jacob Blovat, Jayana Boyd, Myles Cole, Jeremy Dennis, Angelina Geloso, Michael Goodhines, Haylie Grescheck, Kensleigh Jackson, Kasi Jones, Josh Miller, Katie Raffle, Iley Rowland, Abigail Salesman, Antonio Soullas, Mia Tobin, Michael Walker

Missing from the photo are:  Donna Preston, Aiden Sheffler, Carson Wellington, Shaniah Williams, Landon Wilson-Gamble, Aryana Ortega, Jeremiah Nash, Kian Mullin, Layne Muller, Riley Moss, Ian Moss, Joshua Moss, Brynlee Metott, Zachary Lowery, Brianna LaFountain, Natalia Ladue, Cullen Judd, Kasi Jones, Micah Hussein, Lillian Hunt, Charisma Hoke, Avery Guido, Michael Goodhines, Aubrey Gebhardt, Aiden Fuller, Alexis Filippi, Alexis English, Devin Eakins, Kyleek Dixon, Colin Dean, Leah Davis, Daniel Davis, Amayah Dashnaw, Grace Brinkerhoff, and Kiley Beam.