Silhouette of student with arms raised, text global school play day

On Wednesday, Feb 1, Harry M. Fisher Elementary School will celebrate the 8th Annual Global School Play Day.

Fisher joins schools from around the world to recognize one of the most important aspects in healthy child development, unstructured play.  Unstructured play (as opposed to organized, adult-led games and sports) has a positive effect on children's physical activity level, social engagement and emotional wellbeing.

For the entire day, children will play. It may be alone or with others. It may be competitive (board games or sports), imaginary (dress up or puppets), or creative (crafts, Legos, puzzles). Children are free to choose their activities. While they choose their play, their teachers will be there to make certain everyone remains kind and safe. There are only two restrictions: 1) no violent toys such as toy weapons, and 2) no electronics.

Students are encouraged to bring toys/activities of their own to school (be sure to label them with your child's name). Consider things such as:

  • Building/creative toys such as Legos, blocks, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Dress-up items
  • Puppets
  • Stuffed animals
  • Board games
  • Puzzles
  • Sports equipment
  • Remember: no electronics and no violent toys (toy weapons)

If you are the parent of a Fisher student, you should have received a form informing the school that your child has your permissions to bring certain items to school for the day. If you did not receive the form, please contact the Fisher office at 315-866-4851.