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Barringer artists featured at statewide school board convention

Photo of Mrs. Cooney, the two students and their art.Two of Barringer art teacher Nancie Cooney’s art students had their artwork exhibited at the 2014 New York State School Boards Association Conference in New York City last fall. The exhibit was co-sponsored by the School Boards Association and New York State Art Teachers Association.

As a NYSATA members Mrs. Cooney was able to enter two students’ works. The two were featured among 51 school districts and 250 students.

Alexander Lamica (grade 6) created a realistic watercolor painting of a snowy owl. The lesson included studying about artist/naturalist, John Jay Audubon. Students learned about the anatomy of birds and anatomical adaptations to their respective habitats. Students chose photographs for visual reference. They rendered proportionally accurate sketches. Finally, students learned advanced watercolor techniques including washes, color mixture and brush techniques to achieve texture.

MacKenzie Miller (grade 7) designed an abstract tessellation. Students learned about artist, M.C. Escher, who developed this intricate design system. He was inspired by the Moorish tile patterns in Spain. This particular artform involves concepts in art, math and science.

“Art is more than meets the eye. Art education encompasses all academic areas, math, science, history/cultural awareness and communication mehtods. Students engage in intellectual, emotional, social, sensory and physical growth. The National and NYS Standards for the Visual Arts compliment the 21st Century skills'” said Mrs. Cooney