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Barringer Drama Club to present “The Grunch”

Barringer 4th Grade Drama Club with present “The Grunch” a Musical by Beatbybeat Press at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 8th in Jarvis Middle School Auditorium. Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

Inspired by “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, “The Grunch” tells the story of Rudy Grunch, a grumpy 6th grader who always feels like an outsider. When the entire school gets excited about the annual school musical, he comes up with a perfect plan to ruin it for everyone; he’ll steal the sets, costumes and lights the night before it opens. But will the spirit of theater prevail?

Cast of The Musical: “The Grunch”

The Outcasts

Rudy Grunch- Andrew Priola
Mills- Alanna Slentz

Whoover Drama Club

Harper- Avery Rich
Jayden- Caoimhe Casey
Leslie- Makenzie Farrington
Christine-Hayley Lyndaker
Collin- Kaiden Girard
Rachel- Ashley Joseph
Robyn- Taylor Durfee
Jenna- Danielle Adams
Alex- Garrett Knowles
Jamie- Danielle Luke
Allen- Logan Meyers
Isadora- Molly Canipe
Brooke- Makenzie Nelms

Whoover Drama Chorus

Trinity Pedersen
Corinne Baerman
Geovonnie Hanes
Kimberlee Johnson
Whoover Academy Staff
Principal Augustus- Mia Adorino
Mrs. Woods- Trinity Pedersen

Theatre Critics

NY Times (Mrs. Grunch)- MaKenna Gemelli
NY Magazine- Crystal Scanlon
Backstage- Alexia Mizerak
NY Post- Jayden Leon
Variety- Morgan Rios
Reporter- Patrick Smith
Critics Chorus: Alina Rana, Gavin LoCash, Elijah Chandler

Junior Stars

Pip- Carsen Boucher
Apple- Isabelle White
Tot- Lorelei Stanley
Ribbon- Lillian Bennett

Junior Stars Chorus

Mallory Brown
Dakota DeJardins
Gracie Hal
Grace Lally