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Barringer hosts March Madness Tournament of Books

photo of the sheet showing the bracketsWhile sports fans stay glued to their televisions watching college basketball’s March Madness, Barringer Road second graders have been following their own March Madness–“Book Madness”.

The student began with a sweet sixteen of wonderful children’s books. These books entered the brackets paired off against one another. Children in all the second grade classes listened to a different pair of stories each day, voting for their favorite, which moved on to the next round. The “Sweet Sixteen” soon became the “Elite Eight,” then the “Final Four,” until only two stories remained. Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds went head to head against Not Afraid of Dogs by Susanna Pitzer in the “Championship Round.” In the final vote, Not Afraid of Dogs edged out the competition to earned the title of “Second Grade’s Favorite Book!” If you haven’t read this story, check it out at the school library. The second graders are sure you will love it!!