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Barringer Road elementary celebrates Shrek! (the book)

photo of boy and girl reading Shrek!In anticipation of the CVA Drama Club’s presentation of “Shrek the Musical,” Barringer Road librarian Cynthia Bechard and aide Tiffany Smith transformed the library into a Shrek park. Students walking in find copies of the book “Shrek!” by William Steig, castle blocks, royal pennants, helmets, a jester hat, and royal crown.

Although many people know the animated movie, few know the musical, and even fewer have ever read the book. In true “librarian fashion,” Mrs. Bechard decided to create a little excitement about the musical and to share the book with the entire school.

Her library classes have all read the book, which is a bit more graphic and darker than the movie and musical. (It ends with Shrek and the princess being married, living horribly ever after, and scaring everyone who came afoul of them.)

Students read in the castle-like reading corner. They build a castle wall backdrop with stones created by the art club—they are really old headphone boxes painted gray. Students take turns donning a helmet or crown for a quick picture. Mrs. Bechard’s Dobby (the house elf from “Harry Potter”) mannequin sports a Shrek helmet. Even Ms. Smith dons a medieval gown on occasion to add to the festivities.

Want to know the real “Shrek!”? Just check the book out of the library. You’ll discover many similarities to the movie and musical, but just as many differences.