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Barringer Road welcomes new principal Aaron Carey

Formal photo of Mr. Carey in a suit and tie.

On Monday, Jan 22, Barringer Road Elementary welcomed new principal Aaron Carey. On Jan. 10, the Board of Education appointed Mr. Carey to replace outgoing principal Jeremy Rich who was named Assistant Superintendent in December .

Previously, Mr. Carey was the assistant principal at Jarvis Middle School.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with this age level of students, their families and the Barringer Road staff,” he said.

“Mr. Rich was an elementary principal for many years and has a great system in place. I plan to take this opportunity to learn from Mr. Rich, the staff and, our students. Together, we can build on all that’s happening at Barringer Road to give our students the futures they deserve.”

Mr. Rich said he is pleased that Mr. Carey succeeds him as principal.

“We have the same passions; we want the best for our students and staff,” Mr. Rich said.

Mr. Rich said he expects the transition to go smoothly.

“Mr. Carey will take time to learn about our students, families, teachers, and staff. In the near term, little will change while he learns about the Barringer Road family and how we’ve done things,” he said.