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Barringer students explore computer coding

Recently, Diane Kosakowski’s K-4 technology classes and Susan Biltucci’s fourth graders had a chance to try their hand at computer coding. The exercises were part of the Hour of Code, a one-hour introduction to the basics of computer coding, teaching that anyone can learn how to code. The Hour of Code celebrates Computer Science Education Week, Dec. 7-13.

Ms. Kosakowski’s technology classes learned about computer coding during their regularly scheduled special time. Students visited where they used the Angry Birds or Star Wars coding modules. Some students were even able to build their own Star Wars game.

Mrs. Biltucci’s students participated in the full Hour of Code using‘s Minecraft module. Upon completing their Hour of Code, they received a certificate.

Coding is the basic task of writing computer commands to perform a particular task. In this case, students wrote their own code to modify existing games or to create their own versions. Coding is the basic skill required to become a computer programmer. Programmers develop the ideas for a computer program, write the code, debug (look for and correct errors) and refine the program.

If you would like to learn more about coding or try one of the modules visit

“Coding and programming are possible careers for these students,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes.

“As our lives become more and more intertwined with technology, the demand for coders will only grow. Introducing our young Thunder to real-world application such as these games will hopefully spark a few to take some coding classes and perhaps pursue coding, programming, or software engineering as a future career.”

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