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Barringer Tech Club presents public service announcements

Sometimes you might not be sure what to do in school or how to handle a situation. Barringer Road Technology Club students wanted to help classmates out and let them know the proper procedure and rules when leaving the classroom. They have been busy gathering information and creating public service announcements to help students know what to do in different situations.

What should you do if you are going to another classroom?

What should you do if you are going to band lessons, resource room, the bathroom or to another classroom in general?  This video shows you that you are to walk straight to where you are supposed to be.  You do not stop to visit another room or to talk to friends, go directly to your destination.

 Featuring students Lauren Kelly, Elizabeth Remis, Madison Shepherd, Dominick Aceto, Cecelia Mower, Alyssa Baerman, Om Patel, Karlee Canipe

What should you do if you are going home sick?

What is the procedure if the nurse says you are going home sick? Should you wait in the main office or in the nurses office? This video will show you that when the nurse says you are going home sick you have to get your stuff packed up, and then return back to the nurses office to wait for someone to come get you.

 Featuring students Om Patel, Kiley Ball, Cecilia Cole, Madison Shepherd, Cecelia Mower, Rayne Unell, Ryan Donahue, Camden Hall 

What should you do if your class is gone?

What should you do if you get to your classroom and no one is there?  This video shows you that you should NOT walk around the building to find your teacher.  Instead, you need to go straight to the main office and ask Mrs. Bonacci or Mrs. Catalina where your class is.  They will look at the schedule and tell you exactly where to go.

Featuring students Jordan Gibson, Taylor Joseph, Abigail Paddock, Ryan Donahue, Camden Hall, Cecilia Cole