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BOE adopts 2017-18 goals

At its regular meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 29, the Central Valley Board of Education adopted the following district goals:

1) Culture & Community Engagement

Central Valley CSD will work to promote family and community engagement in the education of our students.

CVCSD believes that it takes a community to raise and educate a child. We will work with our community partners to increase:

  • Support for our students in all avenues (academic involvement, fine arts programs, sporting events, family nights, PTSO attendance, committee participation, etc…)
  • Community Service opportunities for our students
  • Post-Secondary Exploration opportunities for our students
  • Communication between all members of the learning community
  • Parent knowledge of developmental/academic/social emotional health

2) Student Achievement

All students will be immersed in rigorous coursework and engaged in learning that promotes curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. All students will be supported to meet high expectations and graduate college and career ready.

CVCSD believes that our students have immense potential and unique characteristics. We will work to increase:

  • Alternative instruction/Personalized Instruction/Student-Centered Learning/Credit Recovery opportunities
  • Student ownership of their learning (Setting SMART long and short-term goals, self-reflection)
  • The importance of effort as related to overall success

3) Wellness & Safety

Central Valley CSD will create a climate that promotes physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth for all students.

CVCSD believes that student success is directly associated with their health and wellness. We will work with our community partners to increase:

  • physical activity opportunities
  • Mindfulness/Self-Advocacy/Self-Regulation
  • Digital Citizenship

Central Valley Vision Statement

Taking the World by Storm

  • Engage
  • Inspire
  • Achieve