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Bottle drive to support Trout in the Classroom

Photo of Trout in the Classroom students

Jarvis students releasing trout into Steele Creek raised through the 2013-14 Trout in the Classroom Program

Jarvis science classes are holding a bottle drive fundraiser to raise funds to purchase a new chiller for the Trout in the Classroom program.  They have participated in the program the last several years and the chiller is not maintaining the proper temperature to raise the hatchlings. To care for the young trout a water temperature of 45 -55 degrees Fahrenheit needs to be maintained.

The average cost to replace the chiller is about $500. To offset the cost, Jarvis is asking the community to donate their cans and bottles. Please drop off your returnables to the Mohawk Redemption Center located at 401 E. Main St in Ilion. Advise them it is for the Jarvis Trout Program account. All donations from the community to support this program are greatly appreciated.

Trout eggs will arrive in the next month or so and students will begin caring for the hatchlings through winter and will release them into the wild this spring. For more information on the program, visit the Trout in the Classroom website.