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Bus routines keep kids safe

Central Valley School District’s Director of Transportation Chad Francisco says bus routines are key to keeping students safe as they travel to and from school.

“Our families, students, and drivers do best with a regular routine—buses arriving on time, the same driver on the same route, students getting on and off at the same stops—they are all important,” Francisco said.

For that reason, Central Valley only buses students to and from the same bus stops each day.

“We often have to deny requests to bus a student to a different bus stop,” he said.

“Our experience shows that there are too many chances for a mistake when we try to accommodate changes. Students get on the wrong bus or get off at the wrong stop. People try to give drivers notes or special instructions at the last minute. In the end, bus runs are delayed while we sort things out or worse—a student winds up someplace no one expects them.”

Transportation staff does its best to work with families in case of emergencies. Most requests, however, are not emergencies and are declined according to district policy.

“We have 2,300 students travel to school every day—some ride the bus, some walk, and some get a ride from parents or friends,” said Central Valley.

“Whatever way they travel, we work with our schools, our drivers, Birnie Bus, community safety and highway departments, and families to make certain every one of those children arrives safely at school and at home.”