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Bus times better but still room for improvement

At the 4:25 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 8, Central Valley Transportation Director Chad Francisco reported the last school school bus was back in the garage. All students had been safely transported to their homes.

This was 30 minutes faster than bus runs on opening day.

“On average, elementary school students arrived home 20 minutes earlier on Thursday, than they did on Wednesday,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes.

“We’re pleased at the improvement, but we know we should be faster and still be able to provide our students with a safe ride home.”

The timing was a dramatic improvement over the first day of classes when some buses were delayed more than 40 minutes trying to get around cars blocking the roads at the elementary schools, and staff and students were slow to board buses.

“Everyone rolled up their sleeves to tackle the problems. Our principals tweaked their dismissal procedures. Drivers, staff, parents and students were more familiar with the process. We worked some of the bugs out, but will do better in the coming days,” Dr. Hughes said.