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By March 29, 2018

Copyright Basics for Students & Educators

All of the content below is available as a PDF handout With almost everything you’ve ever wanted to know just an internet search away, it’s more important than ever to understand the basics of copyright law in the United States. Copyright is an issue of ownership and permissions. So, when you want to use something […]

By October 29, 2014

Safety in our schools

Safety is our first priority Each day, Ilion and Mohawk parents send more than 2,300 students to our schools. Parents have a right to expect that Central Valley CSD is doing its very best to make certain those students are safe. The board of education and school staff take that responsibility seriously. Learning can only […]

By January 27, 2014

Contact Us

Use the form below to search for staff. You can search by first or last name: Search For: District Office Superintendent’s Office Business Office Athletics/Facilities Communications Food Service Student Services/Special Education Transportation Our Schools Central Valley Academy (high school) Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School (middle school) Barringer Road Elementary School (2-4) Harry M. Fisher Elementary School (PK-1) District Office […]

By January 27, 2014

A to Z

A      B      C      D      E      F      G      H      I      J      K      L      M      N      O      P      Q      R      S      T      U      V      W      X      Y      Z A About Us Academics Acceptable Use of […]

By January 23, 2014

Forms A to Z

An A to Z listing of forms for parents and community Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement (PDF) Alternative Transportation Request Form (PDF) Assumption of Risk Document (PDF) Building Use Request Form (PDF) Emergency Release and Notification (PDF) Enrollment  Form – PreK-12 (PDF) Enrollment Form – PreK questionnaire Index of Need (PDF) Fundraising Request Form (PDF) […]