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Central Valley Academy construction update

CVA is undergoing major transformation. Work is progressing on the new district office, the new cafeteria, and work starts soon on the synthetic sports field.

District office

room gutted of partitions and ceiling tiles

The district offices will move into the basement, making way for the cafeteria and CSE offices/entrance on the first floor.


gutted room with exposed ceiling and concrete floor.

The former art rooms, life skills classrooms, technology classroom, and business office have been gutted. That portion of the building will be demolished to make room for the new cafeteria and shared learning space.

rubble on the ground, yellow excavator to the left; skid loader to the right; intact building ahead; exposed girders and steel superstructure to the right.

Demolition continues to the south end of the art wing. You can now see from the CVA traffic circle into the courtyard. The new cafeteria will be a large, open space with access to a new patio in the courtyard.

Synthetic sports field

Contractors will soon begin site work on the field. That means CVA football will be played at Tolpa for the the Fall 2017 season.

What you’ll find in September

For visitors: No changes for now. The CVA entrance will be by the fitness center.

For students: The guidance office will be a hallway into the science wing. Students will not be able to walk directly to the small gym—that portion of the building will be gone. Art will be in the old shop room across from the small gym. Mrs. McCarthy’s life skills class and technology class will be in different rooms. Guidance, Student Services and the business office will be in the old junior high wing.