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Central Valley art educators and students exhibit art

photo of artwork displayed on a wallIn February, six Central Valley students and their teachers displayed their art at the “Natural Reflections” exhibition at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts in Little Falls. The Arts Center and the Herkimer County Art Teachers cosponsor the annual event.

More than an “art show,” the exhibit emphasizes how art educators encourage their students to engage in the artistic processes while creating works of art. Art does not miraculously happen. It takes creativity, planning, research, and the selection of media and materials even before the first stroke of the pen or brush. Once completed, the artist must share the work and critique it.

Displaying at the exhibition were teacher Nancie Cooney and her students Nolan Spohn, Richard Grabski, and Zoey Brownrigg and teacher Christina Korba and her students Troy Lockwood, Anna Mead, and Sade DeLosSantos.
Composite photo of exhibitors and their artwork