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Central Valley chooses new logo

Central Valley School District logoCentral Valley School District now has an official logo.

Central Valley students in grades 4-11 voted twice late last spring—first choosing “Thunder” as the school mascot and then choosing navy blue and light blue with yellow accents as school colors.

Unfortunately, the logo students chose was a trademarked design. On the advice of the district’s attorney, school officials decided to come up with a new logo.

The school invited students to submit their ideas. Ilion school board member and Mohawk Valley Community College art professor Jim Vitale also challenged his MVCC students to submit ideas.

Photo of MVCC student Michaela Altieri“Our students overwhelmingly chose a logo that featured the words ‘Central Valley Thunder’ with lightning bolts and bold thunderhead clouds. Unfortunately, that logo clearly violated trademark laws,” said Central Valley Academy Principal Renee Rudd.

“Central Valley and MVCC students put together some great ideas. In the end, we chose the one that embraced the spirit of that design.”

The adopted logo was created by MVCC student Micaela Altieri who built upon the ideas incorporated in the students’ original choice.