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Central Valley CSD public meeting to address proposed Remington school sale

At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16, Central Valley CSD will hold a public meeting in the CVA Large Group Instruction room to answer any public questions about the district’s proposed sale of the former Remington Elementary School to Herkimer BOCES.

Central Valley Superintendent Jeremy Rich said the format will be an informal question and answer session.

“Every home received a mailing (download a PDF copy of the flyer or read the text)explaining what prompted the board of education to pursue the sale of the property and the details of the upcoming vote,” he said.

“A lot went into this decision. We hope we have addressed the key points, but we want our district residents to have this chance to ask questions about the proposal. In the end, we simply want our community members to have the information they need to cast an informed ballot.”

That vote will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Residents of the Central Valley School District will vote on a referendum authorizing the board of education to sell the former Remington school building to Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES for the sum of one dollar.

“We understand that, even after reading the information in the mailing, people may have questions about the reasons for the sale and the related finances. This is everyone’s chance to get those questions answered,” Rich said.

He said the district had wrestled with what to do with the building, a building the district no longer needs. In early August, he convened a committee of interested school employees, BOCES employees, and community members to explore the various options. After examining the facts, the committee recommended the board of education sell to Herkimer BOCES.

The public meeting precedes the regular board of education meeting.