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Central Valley Foundation elects 2019-20 officers

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(front row, left to right) Melanie Crisino, Sonja Levi, Krissi Newtown, Jaclyn Moore, Kristen Rich, Sara Herringshaw, and Molly Bonnell. (back row, left to right) Robert Raffle, Joe Helmer, JoAnn Duga, Rebecca Gillette, Deborah Schoff, and Cory McDowell. Missing John Brewer, Michael Conover, and Scott Pizer.

On June 11, the Central Valley Central School District Foundation elected its officers for the 2019 – 2020 school year.

    • President—JoAnn Duga
    • Vice-president—Michael Conover
    • Secretary—Rebecca Gillette
    • Treasurer—Cory McDowell
    • Publicity Chariperson—Molly Bonnell
    • Media Chairperson—Krissi Newtown
    • Fundraising Chairperson—Jaclyn Moore
    • BOE Liaison—Matt Darrow
    • Barringer Road Liaison—Emilie Bell
    • Jarvis Liaison—Lyn Cipriano
    • Jarvis Liaison—Jennifer DeRocco

“We have a wonderful group of people who are dedicated to the children of our communities,” Duga said. “We are looking forward to many exciting things to come as we carry out the
Foundation’s mission of enhancing the educational opportunities for the students in our district.”

The Foundation also includes members John Brewer, Melanie Crisino, Joe Helmer, Sara Herringshaw, Sonja Levi, Shannon Perri, Scott Pizer, Robert Raffle, Kristen Rich, and Deborah Schoff.

For more information about the Foundation, contact JoAnn Duga at 315-894-3116 or