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Thor hammer recognizes exceptional employees

It is most often simple gestures that mean the most in people’s lives.

At opening day for staff on Tuesday, Sept. 4, Superintendent Jeremy Rich “hammered that message home.” He began by speaking for several minutes about two of his four pillars—community and morale, stressing how a personal touch changes people’s perspectives and attitudes.

He, then, invited one volunteer from each school to come forward. He presented Susan Palmer, Dennis Roy, Mary Day, and Andrea Nitti with a plastic Thor hammer. Each was instructed to pass the hammer onto another school employee that each felt was special and then share that reason with a note, email or verbal message. At each monthly faculty/staff meeting, he asked the principals to share the name of the recipient and the reason for the award.

Over the course of the year, 10 employees in each building will receive the Thor hammer, signifying the positive impact they have on Central Valley.

Stay tuned as we share the recipients names and stories in the future.

Meet our Thor Hammer recipients