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Central Valley to receive less than expected school aid

New York’s enacted 2016-17 state budget disappointed Central Valley officials—it contained $200,000 less school aid than expected.

“When we heard the budget would include $291 million more in foundation aid the governor proposal, we estimated receiving roughly $200,000 more than the governor had promised,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes.

Dr. Hughes said the the district will still receive 2.85 percent or $578,059 more foundation aid in the coming year than in 2015-16, but not the roughly $775,000 increase he had expected.

Although the state budget includes an additional $1.5 billion in school aid, much of it appeared to be distributed to wealthier suburban and poorer urban districts to end the Gap Elimination Adjustment, to increase foundation aid, and to fund the Community Schools initiative.

“Once again, the process demonstrates how broken our school funding process remains. Those who have continue to get. We had hoped to use the extra money to undertake new initiatives, but they will have to wait until the future,” he said.