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Central Valley staff kicks off new school year

Photo of Mr. Coupe

Board of Education President Steve Coupe encouraged all staff to be positive role models for students.

Central Valley School employees kicked off the beginning of the school year on Tuesday, Sept. 2. The day’s overarching message was clear, “Working together, this district will continue to do great things for its students.”

Although school does not begin for students until Thursday, Sept. 4, all staff reported Tuesday to prepare for the the coming year. The day included brief messages from Board of Education President Steve Coupe, Assistant Superintendent Cindy Stocker and Interim Superintendent Gary Tutty.

Stressing the importance of teachers, Mr. Coupe said he had once been asked if he could name a teacher who had influenced his life. He responded that a high school teacher had helped him get over the horror of speaking in public—as proven by his ability to stand up and speak to the district’s staff that day.

He sees teachers as powerful role models.

“There are two kinds of role models for students. First are the heroes; the athletes and actors that they (students) can’t and probably shouldn’t emulate. Second are the people they see everyday,” he said.

“Each of you have the opportunity to live on in the hearts and minds of students. I challenge you to make each day worth remembering.”

Mrs. Stocker recapped the district’s first year with a single word—wow! She said the staff did an incredible amount of work in a short time and that working together, the district would accomplish even greater things.

Photo of Mr. Tutty

Interim Superintendent Gary Tutty used a healthy dose of humor to remind staff of the need to continue working together to give students the greatest opportunity.

Mr. Tutty continued on that theme.

“This is a great opportunity. You did such a great job; you had a great year. You’ve got to keep that momentum going,” he said.

He reminded everyone, whether teacher or support staff, that they are on the same team and need to work together as one. The audience laughed as he emphasized his point using a sports story.

“Imagine if tonight at practice, football coach John Cole told his quarterback, ‘If I call a pass, but you decide you’re a better runner, just go ahead and run the ball.” Or to his end said, ‘If we call a run and you’re supposed to block, but you really like catching the ball, do what you like,'” Mr. Tutty said.

His point was clear, each person has a responsibility to the district’s students and to each other to communicate with fellow staff within and between buildings to make Central Valley all it can be.

He further emphasized the employees’ good fortune to be working in Central Valley.

“You are lucky,” he said.

“On this opening day, other districts are talking about cuts and how to do more with less. We are talking about how to more with the people we have. We are lucky.”

Photo of Mrs. Hoskey

Jarvis Middle School Principal Melissa Hoskey introduced her new staff.

Photo of Ms. Rudd

CVA Principal Renee Rudd introduced her new staff.

Photo of Ms. Stocker

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum encouraged all staff to work together to continue the momentum created by the merger.

Photo of Dr. Mays-Smith

Dr. Marsha Mays-Smith introduced the new staff at Fisher Elementary.

Photo of Mr. Rich

Barringer Road Principal Jeremy Rich introduce his newest staff.