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Check out Barringer Road’s Personalized Learning launch

Barringer Road Elementary School formerly launched Personalized Learning on Monday, Feb. 27.

Students in Julie Ball’s (second grade), Lori Barr’s (third grade) and Sue Biltucci’s and Stephanie Szratter’s (fourth grade) classes gathered in the cafeteria for a “launch-themed” project. These are the school’s first classrooms to officially adopt Personalized Learning.

The project tested creativity, construction, and collaboration. Each group of students received 20 pieces of dry spaghetti, three feet of string, one foot of masking tape, one pair of scissors, and one regular sized marshmallow. Their task was to use only those materials to build the tallest self-supporting “rocket” with the marshmallow on top. The team whose marshmallow was the highest off the table was the winner.

For 18 stressful minutes, each group labored over design ideas and construction techniques. The task was not easy. The spaghetti was brittle and often broke. A column of multiple spaghetti pieces was hard to keep upright. In the end, only four groups of nearly 20 were able to successfully complete the task.

Superintendent Rich Hughes, dressed in an astronaut costume, measured the height of each marshmallow atop the rocket. He declared the winning height at 28.5 inches.

Thanks to the Barringer Road PTO, everyone was a winner. At the the end, all participants enjoyed half moon cookies.

The launch officially kicked off Barringer Road’s commitment to Personalized Learning. Personalized Learning is simply using proven, best practices to teach every child to his or her ability. Interested teachers received special training over the last several months. They readily share what they have learned with anyone interested. Learn more about Personalized Learning.

Watch the video below to share in our launch celebration!