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Clicky teaches on- and offline safety

Photo of Fisher Elementary students with Clicky at the Netsmartz assemblyNetSmartz and KidSmartz are programs through the National Center for Missing and Exploited children to help teach kids safer behaviors and to educate families about preventing child abduction. Both programs offer an array of materials and video on their websites for educators, parents, kids and teens.

On April 17 Fisher and Barringer Road Elementary had a special visit from Clicky, the program mascot of NetSmartz to learn about internet and personal safety. The NetSmartz Workshop provides students with information to recognize potential internet risks, prevent themselves from being exploited and to turn to a trusted adult when a situation occurs. Hopefully after seeing the program it will initiate a conversation among children and adults regarding on- and offline risks.

Photo of Fisher Elementary students during Netsmartz assemblyClicky engages the students and they can relate to what they have learned by seeing him. “The kids recognize him and remember what they learned before about staying safe online.”  said Barringer Road teacher Emilie Huxley.

“When he walked into the room they all yelled out Clickyyyyyyyy!”

Learn more about staying safe on- and offline on the NetSmartz and KidSmartz websites. You will find free printable resources, tips, videos and more.