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College-level course offerings

Below is the list of college level courses offered for the 2014-15 school year:

Advanced Placement

Biology — Ms. Harwick
Calculus AB — Mr. Appleton
Calculus BC  (New) — Mr. Appleton
English Language and Composition — Mr. Mott
United States History — Ms. Williams
World History — Ms. Ruff

College Now

Accounting (new) — Ms. Seamon
American History — Ms. Guidi
Anatomy & Physiology — Ms. Anderson
Business Law (new) — Ms. Seamon
Calculus (new) — Mr. Appleton
Ceramics (new) — Ms. Dunn-Jones
Contemporary Math — Ms. Gleba
English 111/112 — Mr. Mott
Geology (new) — Ms. Benson
Marketing (new) — Ms. Seamon
Mathematical Statistics I — Mr. Bush
Music Appreciation — Mr. Bunce
Nutrition (new) — Ms. Nasypany
Painting (new) — Ms. Dunn-Jones
Performance Theatre — Mr. Bunce
Pre-Calculus — Mr. Kuty
Psychology (new) — Mr. Wiles
Public Speaking (new) — Ms. Forte
Spanish 101/102 — Ms. Baum
Western Civilization (new) — Ms. Ruff