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Concern over growing use of JUULs in school

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JUUL is one brand of e-cigarette that is turning up in schools across the country.

A recent CBS news report stated that schools across the nation are seeing a rise in the number of students using JUULs and other e-cigarettes. CVA is no exception.

“This is a problem in our school and we need parents’ help to stop it,” said CVA principal Dick Keeler.

In July 2017, New York State enacted legislation that banned all e-cigarettes from school grounds. Despite the ban, students continue to try to use the products in school.

“We want to be clear. JUULs, vaping, e-cigarettes and regular tobacco products are prohibited on school property. Students caught using or in possession of the products will be disciplined in accordance with our code of conduct,” Mr. Keeler said.

Mr. Keeler said e-cigarettes’ small size tempts students to sneak them into school. That and wide availability and clever marketing give students the false impression that the products are safe.

“This is cancer causing nicotine disguised with flavors like bubble gum, creme brulee, and cool cucumber,” he said.