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CV offers Parent Today e-newsletter

Parent Today LogoCentral Valley School District is encouraging parents to sign up for Parent Today, a twice-monthly e-newsletter that provides tools and information to encourage parents to be even more engaged in their children’s education.

“Research shows that engaged parents have a positive effect on their children’s school success – meaning better attendance, better attitude toward school and homework, better grades and higher expectations for the future,” said Superintendent Rich Hughes.

“Parent Today allows us to foster stronger connections between families and our schools and encourage parents to be even more involved in the education of their children.”

Parent Today is an award-winning opt-in e-mail newsletter delivered to subscribers’ inboxes twice a month. It features easy-to-read, blog-style posts talking about what matters most for families. Parent Today addresses important, age-appropriate topics and gives accessible, easy-to-implement strategies. It also provides information to help families understand the dramatic changes taking place in school curriculum and public education. Subscribers can access the Parent Today website for ongoing information and support in dealing with the challenges of raising an educated child.

Parent Today is provided free of charge to families in Central Valley School District. Subscribers must have Internet access and an e-mail address to receive Parent Today.

To sign up for Parent Today, just click on the “Parent Today” icon on the district home page and follow the on-screen instructions. Use Central Valley’s code 13357. Or, sign up at

Learn more by visiting:

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