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CVA adds advanced courses

This fall, CVA students will benefit from an expanded list of college-level courses that include both Advanced Placement and College Now offerings.

“When residents considered the school merger, they were told that students would have greater opportunities in a merged district. One year later, we are seeing this taking place. We have added another AP (Advanced Placement) course and 11 new College Now courses,” said CVA Principal Renee Rudd.

Adding to the good news is the Herkimer County Legislature’s recent decision that College Now courses through Herkimer College are free to the area’s students.

“We received a notice from the legislature affirming that local high school students have the opportunity to take these courses tuition free. This opens up all kinds of opportunities for CVA students,” she said.

Last spring, CVA guidance counselors Michelle DelConte and Shannon Darrow encouraged students pursuing a college track to consider including one or more of these courses in their 2014-15 class schedules.

“These courses offer students all sorts of benefits,” said Ms. DelConte. “They introduce students to college work while still in high school and show college admissions officers they are serious students. These courses also free students up to graduate early from college, reduce course loads in those difficult first semesters away at college or open opportunities to earn a double major, take an internship or study abroad without adding to the time and expense of college.”

To qualify to teach these courses, teachers have to become certified by CollegeBoard to teach Advanced Placement or Herkimer College to teach College Now. They also have to submit a detailed course syllabus to the accrediting organization, demonstrating that the course meets strict academic standards.

“Our teachers and guidance staff worked hard to make this happen. We are truly excited by this new opportunity for Central Valley students,” said Ms. Rudd.

Available to students this year are:


Group photo of teachers

Teaching Advanced Placement for 2014-15 are (clockwise from bottom left) Melissa Williams, Krista Harwick, Jim Mott, David Appleton and Christine Ruff.

Biology — Ms. Harwick
Calculus AB — Mr. Appleton
Calculus BC  (New) — Mr. Appleton
English Language and Composition — Mr. Mott
United States History — Ms. Williams
World History — Ms. Ruff

College Now

Group photo of teachers

CVA’s College Now instructors include: (front left to right) Sarah Seamon, Norestra Baum, Winnie Dunn-Jones, Christine Ruff, (second row) Mark Bunce, Robert Bush, Kathy Nasypany, Dawn Gleba, David Appleton, (back row) Sharee Forte, Shawn Wiles, Karen Anderson, Kirsten Benson, Ron Kuty and Jim Mott. Missing from photo Karen Guidi.

Accounting (new) — Ms. Seamon
American History — Ms. Guidi
Anatomy & Physiology — Ms. Anderson
Business Law (new) — Ms. Seamon
Calculus (new) — Mr. Appleton
Ceramics (new) — Ms. Dunn-Jones
Contemporary Math — Ms. Gleba
English 111/112 — Mr. Mott
Geology (new) — Ms. Benson
Marketing (new) — Ms. Seamon
Mathematical Statistics I — Mr. Bush
Music Appreciation — Mr. Bunce
Nutrition (new) — Ms. Nasypany
Painting (new) — Ms. Dunn-Jones
Performance Theatre — Mr. Bunce
Pre-Calculus — Mr. Kuty
Psychology (new) — Mr. Wiles
Public Speaking (new) — Ms. Forte
Spanish 101/102 — Ms. Baum
Western Civilization (new) — Ms. Ruff